Pack of 3 Exfoliating Sugar Body Scrubs - 3 scrubs weighing 28g/1oz each

$12.00 CAD

Pack of 3 of our exfoliating body sugar scrubs. You can choose 3 of the same scent or a mix of 3 different ones.

Our sugar body scrubs, with their fine natural ingredients won't leave your skin greasy or itchy. You will love how soft, smooth and more yourthfull your skin will feel.

They are made with :

- sugar (white and cane sugar) that scrubs away dead skin cells, draws moisture to the skin and helps with skin regeneration because of the glycolic acid (AHA - a natural occuring acid found in fruits and plants rich in sugar) that it contains. Sugar offers a more gentle exfoliation than salt (that can cause micro tears in the skin) so it is suitable for sensitive skin;

- shea butter and coco butter that nourish, moisturize and soften the skin;

- our all natural soaps to wash away dirt and dead skin cells while eliminating the greasy effect of the butters; 

- essential oils for a light and subtle scent.

- clays and botanicals depending on the natural soap that we used (see the different soap listings for the complete ingredients list).

They come in 7 different scents and in 2 types of exfoliation depending of the sugar we used. Choose between these scents:

  • Oats and Honey - coarse
  • Orange - coarse
  • Calendula - coarse
  • Peppermint - light
  • Lavender - light
  • Red Clay - light
  • Rose Petals - light

This listing is for 3 easy to use solid round pucks weighing around 28g/1oz each.

You can choose 3 of the same scent or a mix of 3 different ones. Just tell us in the comments section which scents you would like to have.

One puck will last for 2 to 4 uses. In the shower rub on wet skin and rince. Do not leave in hot water and let dry between each use.

Not recommended for the face.