Revitalizing Facial Mask

$14.95 CAD

Our revitalizing facial mask contains white and pink clays, the mildest of all the clays. They are suitable for normal, sensitive and mature skin. They help to detoxify, exfoliate and revitalize your skin and improve its elasticity. Clays also help to reduce the appearance of your pores.

This mask also contains ground oats and goat milk powder to moisturize the skin and provide a mild exfoliation.

We added ginkgo biloba leaf extract which is a powerful antioxydant with detoxifying, revitalizing, stimulating and firming qualities.

This mask is in powder form. Simply wet your skin, scoop a small amount of the dry mask in a bowl or the palm of your hand and add a few drops of water, milk, yogurt or oil (like jojoba or avocado) to form a paste. Apply on the face and neck avoiding eye and lip area. Delicately massage on the skin. Rince or leave on for 10-15 minutes until dry. Humidify with a wet towel and rince.

Use one or twice a week for a clean and glowing skin. 32grams/1.13oz of mask.

Ingredients: Ground oats, white clay, pink clay, goat milk powder and ginkgo biloba leaf extract.